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Zeal 15cm Self Sealing Lid (Assorted Styles)

Zeal 15cm Self Sealing Lid (Assorted Styles)


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Premium quality silicone storage lid works on a simple vacuum suction which creates an airtight seal to store and keep food fresh and can be washed and used again and again. Zeal design multipurpose silicone suction lid is perfect for using while cooking and frying or it serves as a storage food cover and can be used in hot and cold environments. In the microwave, it prevents splatter and saves you time on cleaning, whilst replacing disposable and wasteful cling film and saran wrap making it an eco-friendly choice. Our Zeal lid fits multiple size pots and pans, so it helps to reduce the number of cooking lids needed and declutters kitchen cupboards. High quality superior grade non-stick BPA free silicone can be used in the oven, microwave, fridge, is dishwasher safe & heat resistant up to 250 C/482 F.

Fits up to 13cm bowl. 

Neutral Colours - Sage Green or Cream. Selected at random.

Bright Colours - Red, Blue or Lime Green. Selected at random. 

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