About Us

The Crock Ltd is quite possibly one of the largest kitchen emporiums in the Cotswolds, with a vast array of everything you need for your home. Located in the heart of the North Cotswolds we have had a store in Stow-on-the-Wold for over 25 years. Having started out selling seconds china teapots from Stoke-on-Trent by the van-full, we have since grown over the years to stock over 5000 lines for the kitchen and home, whilst still maintaining that original ethos of good quality tableware at affordable prices.

Our stock is constantly shifting as we make space for new products or we find better deals available, which means that  you can always find a clearance deal, and also that no two visits to The Crock are the same!

As with many in the retail industry, the last couple of years have seen some challenges for The Crock, especially during 2020. Our main aim has been to reduce our physical footprint whilst at the same time maintaining our stock variety and availability, something we feel we have managed to achieve. January 2020 saw another instore refit as we sought to streamline the customer experience.