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Wenko Wash Bags (Set of 2)

Wenko Wash Bags (Set of 2)


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This fine and soft nylon mesh laundry bag is the ideal way to keep your clothes protected whilst they are in the washing machine. These mesh washing bags are designed to allow water and detergent to pass through the bags surface onto the clothes, but still keep everything inside protected

This washing machine wash bag laundry bag is made with nylon. Known to be a durable material, it is designed to withstand any washing machine spin level all without tearing or breaking

Whilst these laundry wash bags are for use in the washing machine, you can actually use this bag for a variety of things. It is ideal for taking shoes, underwear and clothes away on holiday, keeping them nicely packed away and to separate clean clothes from dirty clothes on your return.

Small: 32 x 47cm

Large: 47 x 75cm

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