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Silverwood Bakeware 13.5 x 8.5" AGA® Quality Baking Sheet

Silverwood Bakeware 13.5 x 8.5" AGA® Quality Baking Sheet


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Mary Berry, author of Mary Berry’s Aga Cookbook specified the requirements of these baking sheets: “The Baking Sheet must fit on the runners of the Aga Roasting Oven and be capable of being left in the oven overnight at a high temperature and then be plunged into a sink of cold water without distorting or warping. The Baking Sheet must be able to do this time after time.”

★ Fits on runners of Aga Cooker to form a removable shelf or baking sheet

★ Suitable for use in non Aga ovens

★ Very heavy duty (3mm) thick baking sheet that will not warp or distort

★ Handcrafted using traditional techniques and designed to last a lifetime. The professional’s choice used in commercial kitchens the world over

★ Exceptionally strong, professional grade anodised Aluminium, which has easy-clean, easy-release properties and will never warp, distort or rust

★ Heat spread technology - the special alloy core used in our bakeware spreads heat fast and evenly, producing perfect baking in a reduced time

★ Suitable for oven and freezer use

★ Guaranteed for 25 years**

★ Made In England

★ Recyclable

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