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Robert Welch

Robert Welch Signature 3pc Knife Set with Sharpener

Robert Welch Signature 3pc Knife Set with Sharpener


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A limited edition, 3 piece Kitchen Knife Set from the Signature kitchen knife range. This kitchen knife set includes the award winning Signature 10cm/4" paring knife with a plain edged, short blade, ideal for peeling, trimming, and slicing fruits and vegetables, an all-purpose 14cm/5.5" cook's knife which is a kitchen knife with a curved blade for chopping and rocking cutting actions, and an award-winning Signature knife sharpener featuring an advanced ceramic wheel, a solid handle and weighted non-slip base.

Cook’s knives are a multi-purpose kitchen tool, and a great starter knife if you are only intending to buy one. Their curved blades allow for a two step chop and rock action, ideal for meat (raw or cooked) and hard vegetables as well as herbs, nuts and salads and for crushing garlic into a paste. The paring knife is good for small intricate work in the kitchen, as well as peeling or scraping fruits and vegetables in your hand. Use the knife sharpener regularly to quickly and easily hone your knife blades to the perfect edge. Both knives have a Japanese-style blade edges are at a 15° angle and the knife has an ergonomically shaped handle for comfort, balance and to minimise fatigue in use.

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