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MasterClass Stainless Steel Roasting Rack (Assorted Sizes)

MasterClass Stainless Steel Roasting Rack (Assorted Sizes)


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If you love a delicious Sunday roast, but go without because you want to eat healthily, then you'll love this MasterClass roasting rack. It's designed to elevate your meat and poultry, so the fat drains out of the meat and collects in the pan. It's ideal for health conscious home chefs who want to cook tasty low-fat food with fresh ingredients! You can use this rack for roasting and grilling - to grill, simply swap the roasting pan for a grill tray. The rack is made of heavy-duty stainless steel for impressive warp resistance and its handy reversible design makes it easy to roast vegetables under the rack. 

The small rack, measuring 23 x 16.5cm, is ideal for chicken drumsticks, small joints of ha or even smaller whole birds.

The large rack, measuring 32 x 23.5cm, is ideal for whole birds, larger joints of meat, and even smaller Christmas turkeys. 


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