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JVL Bamboo Round Dish Brush

JVL Bamboo Round Dish Brush


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Made from durable bamboo, the brush is from sustainable materials offering a great product for cleaning, yet eco-friendly. Bamboo is a renewable and naturally anti-bacterial plant resource.

Round wooden dish brush perfect for the smaller items. The round dish brush can be used for any cleaning and scrubbing purpose. Safe for use on non-stick surfaces, such as scrubbing pots, pans dishes and more. Recyclable plastic bristles for longevity and helps prevent scratches. Ideal when removing food stains in dishes, pots and pans.

Ergonomically designed, fits the palm of your hand comfortably. Strong and sturdy design looks amazing in any kitchen. 

Easy to use – simple wash with mild washing up liquid, rinse and dry at room temperature.

The finishing touches boast a rope tie and hanging hole, perfect to tidy away when not in use
Size: H:9 x W:7cm approx.

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