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Judge Essentials 20cm 4 Cup Egg Poacher

Judge Essentials 20cm 4 Cup Egg Poacher


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For the perfect poached egg you can’t beat the Judge Essentials Egg Poacher. This multipiece set makes short work of up to 4 eggs at a time depending on which size is chosen, delivering controlled thermal performance for perfectly set whites and yolks. The versatile pan can also be used for frying, steaming and sauteing.

  • Reliable performance from thermic base ensuring even heat distribution
  • Safe and secure handling due to easy grip, phenolic low-heat transmission handles
  • Allows for versatile cooking: from hob to oven
  • Easy to clean mirror polished stainless steel
  • With non-stick cups for ease of clean
  • With vented glass lids for over boil prevention
  • This egg poacher also doubles up as a 20cm sauté pan
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