Chicago Metallic roasting pan with rack

Chicago Metallic Non-Stick Roasting Pan with Rack

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Serious chefs want perfect roasts - evenly browned, juicy meats served up with crispy veg. Chicago Metallic's Professional Non-Stick Roasting Tin with Rack is the perfect duo to help you achieve this in your kitchen.

This heavy-duty roasting pan measures 34 x 24 x 6 cm (13 x 9½ x 2¼ inches), making it ideal for midweek meals and Sunday roasts. You can use it to roast most regular red meat joints, and even some smaller whole birds. It also includes a roasting rack. This means you can keep your meat or poultry elevated, which allows fat or juices to simply drip down into the tray - for healthier cooking. It also lets air circulate more easily, so roasts cook right the way through.

Removing roasts is really easy. Both the roasting tin and rack are finished with a non-stick coating. This means they release your cooked food quickly and easily. Whether you're a professional chef or keen home cook, with this set's heavy-duty construction it's more than durable enough for daily use. The pan also features folded corners and wire rod reinforcement to prevent it warping or 'popping' in your oven. Just what's needed for years of superior performance