Our range of MasterClass bakeware is manufactured from heavy duty commercial weight 1mm steel, with a double non-stick coating, and forms part of the Master Class award winning bakeware collection that guarantees many years of satisfying cooking and baking.


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Silverwood bakeware is deliberately uncoated, but undergoes a process called Silver Anodising, which hardens and seals the core aluminium. This creates the distinctive Silverwood colour and a smooth, easy release and easy clean finish which is also much tougher and it will never peel, blister, warp or rust. It also continues to be manufactured in the UK!

Wham® Cook Enamel Range, a versatile, hardwearing and durable cooking solution for the everyday cook. As well as oven cooking to 230°C, it is also suitable for: stovetops and even cooking directly over a campfire. ​It safe for use with metal utensils as well as dishwasher safe, and is made in the UK with a Lifetime guarantee

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